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One of the most thrilling mysteries of the 20th century, investigated with CodedColor Photostudio

The perfect gift for mystery and true crime lovers

After only 6 months on the US market, the book "The Dyatlov Pass Mystery - NOT a Cold Case" reached #15 in the Amazon category "Survival Biographies & Memoirs" and the top ten of "Mountaineering". This would not have been possible without CodedColor Photostudio.

In 2021, after 62 years, the Dyatlov Pass tragedy returned to the media, when the case was reopened by the Pravda magazine, and an avalanche institute in Switzerland attributed the tragegy to a slab avalanche. But was that the real cause?

Go on an exciting investigation with CodedColor Photostudio Pro, which will take you to the gloomiest corners of Russian history, the hottest mysteries of modern science and the strangest UFO reports of the CIA.

As a thank you for an honest Amazon review you will receive an unlimited free license of the full version of CodedColor Photostudio Pro 8.1. Based on the latest scientific discoveries and technical analysis of the hiker's films, found underneath 5 meters of snow, the 210 letter-sized pages and over 100 color images of the bound edition will lead you to a surprising and spectacular solution.

Here's a brief summary of the page-turning mystery that awaits you:

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