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The Panorama Viewer is a freeware application included with and fully integrated into CodedColor. It allows you to view wide panoramic images in an animated and realistic manner. Panoramas can be created with any digital camera by shooting a series of images that all have a small overlapping vertical border, which can then be stitched together by some applications like CodedColor.


You can start the Panorama Viewer from within CodedColor through:


Main Menu > View, or
Selecting an image in the Image or Thumbs View > Context Menu > Open with


When you open an image in the Panorama Viewer from within CodedColor, no shortcut to the image is created in the left hand list of panoramas. If you want to create this shortcut, then press the Open Panorama button above the list. The current panorama image will already be selected, and you just need to press the Open button.


Hint: All shortcuts are stored in the Organizer > Local Catalogs > Panoramas 1 folder, and can also be viewed and managed from there.


icon_tip Important


The Panorama Viewer needs fast graphics resources in order to render and animate the panorama in a realistic way. If you're getting a headache (in the true meaning of the word), then turn off Antialiasing, or decrease the size of the panorama in the Image Editor of CodedColor. You should then use an antialias filter like Lanczos3 or Fast Linear, in order to sharpen the resized panorama.


To create Panoramas, use the Panorama Stitch dialog.


icon_tip Options


To view all options and interface elements of the Panorama Viewer, visit the Panorama Viewer homepage.





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