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Batch Rename is a very powerful tool to transfer photos from A to B or to include additional information in often cryptic filenames coming from typical digital cameras. You can:


Rename files in the same directory
Rename and move files to another directory, most likely from a camera or removable drive to your local drive
Rename while creating copies in another directory
Create links in a Catalog (this can also be done directly in the Explorer)




Original filenames:        10140008.jpg



New filenames:        Jamaica 2004_11_01(056432).jpg

                 Jamaica 2004_11_02(056433).jpg





The new filenames were accomplished through the following steps in the Rename Mask:


Dropdown #1:        Custom Text: Jamaica
Separator #1:        Space Character
Dropdown #2:        Modification Date format: yyyy_mm_dd
Separator #2:        Open bracket
Dropdown #3:        Database Record-ID
Separator #3:        Close bracket


The following renaming options can be selected in the 3 Renaming Mask dropdowns:


1.Original Name: use this to preserve the original filename
2.Name extract: copy a part of the original filename by defining the start and end positions
3.Replace Part: replace a string in the original filename with another string
4.Custom text: add a prefix or suffix to your original names
5.Incremental #: destination filenames are numbered starting with 0; leading digits are filled with 0
6.Creation Date: taken from the file. For format options see Date Format String
7.Modification Date: taken from the file. For format options see Date Format String
8.Title or Filename: uses the title from the Annotation Editor, or if empty, uses the original filename
9.Image Resolution: width of the image in pixels
10.Database Record-ID: unique number taken from the CodedColor XML database
11.EXIF field: select the EXIF field from the dropdown
12.IPTC field: select the IPTC field from the dropdown


icon_tip Important


Renaming looses the original filenames. If you don't want this, then set one of the three Renaming Mask dropdowns to Original name.


Sometimes you may get name collisions, if two different source names result to the same destination name. You can prevent this by adding an Incremental number in one of the renaming mask dropdowns, preferably the third one.


Never change the filetype in the renaming mask. Do this only, if all your source images are of the same fileype, and you want to change something like JPG to JPEG or TIFF to TIF. If you actually want to change the filetype of the images, use the Batch Conversion utility instead.


Renaming in CodedColor usually preserves sound attachments. This is not the case for renaming or file operations in the detailsview / iconview of the Explorer.



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